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One key to complete WordPress management

InfiniteWP brings all your WordPress management needs under one window. You can keep adding an unlimited number of sites and manage them with a few clicks. You may never have to use the WordPress dashboard again. Once integrated, InfiniteWP gives a complete bird’s eye view of all your WordPress sites. It makes it easy to backup, manage plugins and themes across multiple WordPress sites.

View your WordPress site’s summary just by hovering over it

Site Summary

You can view your sites summary by just hovering over the site. You can view the backups available, the version of WordPress the site is running, updates available for plugins and themes and a lot more.

Quick actions

Backup your site quickly, open the WP dashboard in a new tab, open your website in a new tab, save site-specific notes and links and a lot more just by hovering over your website.


One Click Update

Update everything in just a click

The Update All button in InfiniteWP makes it simple and easy to update everything across multiple WordPress sites directly from the admin panel. Stop wasting time updating individual plugins and themes manually in each website separately. You can update your WordPress sites plugins, themes and the WordPress core in just a click. So the next time when you want to update multiple WordPress sites, it’s going to be just a single click and it’s done.

One click to update allUpdate only what you wantHide unwanted plugins and themes from update list


Flexibility to Update

You have the flexibility to apply updates in bulk on plugins, themes and WP core any way you want. Update a specific plugin on selective sites or update all plugins on all sites.

Hide unwanted Updated

Have you modified your website or a plugin and don’t want to update it ever? No problem. You can just hide it and we will never show when updates are available for that.


Backup and Restore

Your time machine for WordPress

With InfiniteWP backup and restore, you get an easy-to-use reliable WordPress backup solution for free. Just hover over the site, click Backup Now and select the components to backup. And, it’s done. Backing up your WordPress site couldn’t be any simpler. Never worry about losing your data ever again. If you run into some trouble with your WordPress site, just hit Restore and your WordPress site will be back up and running in a few minutes.

Backup multiple WordPress sites from a single admin panelRestore your WordPress site in just a click


Schedule backups (Premium)

Automate your backups using the Scheduled backup addon. Set the backup schedule once and it all happens automatically.

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Cloud Backup (Premium)

With the Cloud Backup addon, save your WordPress sites backups off-site, on the cloud with Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive or any other FTP server.

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Plugins and Themes

Effortless Plugins and Themes management across all your WordPress sites

InfiniteWP makes it easy to manage your plugins and themes across multiple WordPress sites. You can view plugins installed on each site, search and install plugins and themes from the WP Plugin repository and activate / deactivate / delete plugins in bulk across multiple sites.

Manage Plugins & Themes across multiple WordPress sites from a central admin panelInstall new Plugins and Themes

Install new Plugin/Theme

You can install a new theme or plugin directly from within the InfiniteWP admin panel. Browse through the WordPress plugin/theme directories and install them across multiple WordPress sites in just a few clicks.

Smart Plugin/Theme summary

Quickly get a summary of your plugins/themes by just hovering over your site. Get a list of installed, active and inactive plugins and also the ones that have updates available. All in a glance without the need to jump menus.


Self Hosted and Secure

Who can secure your WordPress sites better than you?

InfiniteWP is a self-hosted WordPress management tool, meaning you can install the InfiniteWP on your own hosting server and monitor your WordPress sites from there. Having a self-hosted management platform puts you in control of your sites. You do not have to trust any external third party with your data. Your data is truly yours to keep.

Install on your existing web hosting

You don’t have to invest in a brand new hosting. You can install InfiniteWP on your existing web hosting account.

Security and Privacy

Since all your data, queries and actions take place within your server, it’s totally private to you. You don’t need to worry about privacy and security concerns.


Free for Life

The best things in life are free

We believe in making ground-breaking technology available to everyone. And that’s why InfiniteWP is free for life; with lifetime updates promised. There is no limit to the number of sites you can manage for free. Everything mentioned above is included in the free base package. For more advanced functionalities, get our Premium Bundles.

Alright then. Let’s Get Started!