Sat, 13th March, 2010
While we were servicing clients under the name Revmakx, we were working on a project that installs WordPress on multiple domains when David suddenly said,

Hey.. We can make a service out of this..
There are quite a many Web Development agencies out there
who use WordPress for their clients, not unlike ourselves..

Though this marks the birth of InfiniteWP (we christened it the next day ), we didn’t have the time or the resources to
bring it to reality then.

Fri, 25th April, 2012
Two years have passed and here we are with InfiniteWP up and running, doing much more than mere multiple installations.
This has been the most exciting phase for our team. All the comments, feedback, criticism, feature requests makes every day
even more exciting. The whole team is now focussed on this and we are looking to take this to great heights.

We envision InfiniteWP to be a community-driven WordPress management platform with third party developers contributing
to an ever growing plethora of addons addressing every need the multiple WordPress environment can ever come up with.

runs the show
builds user interfaces
leads programing
churns code