It’s finally here!


We are excited to announce the public release of our new version of the InfiniteWP admin panel v3


In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve the new version from the feedback we receive from our userbase. My team and I firmly believe that v3 will help you enjoy your experience with InfiniteWP even more.

So what are all the key changes you can see in the v3 admin panel?

UI and UX changes

We have used the Vue.js framework and rewrote our entire code base from scratch (frontend only), which will make InfiniteWP fast and slick. Also, we made many significant changes to improve the overall User Experience.



Task Status Live Updation

Earlier, you need to manually refresh the updates page or perform reload data to see the available updates list. In our new version, the updates list is refreshed in realtime. 



Instant Data for your Addons

In the v2 admin panel, you need to load the data from your sites and to view them on your InfintieWP dashboard, which is time-consuming. With the v3 admin panel, the data will be fetched from your websites in the background and will be kept ready to load when you perform any actions using the premium addons. 


Uncomplicated Filters

We have made our filters easy to use when compared to the v2 admin panel. With this simple filter view, you can view the coveted data in a few clicks. 


Lazy Loading

Loading your IWP admin panel on your browser is a pain if your sites have a massive number of available updates or backups created. Not anymore with our latest version. We have implemented the lazy load on the v3 admin panel, which will efficiently handle the browser memory and reduce the initial/overall load time on your admin panel.



You can update your current InfiniteWP installation to v3 from the v2 IWP Update Centre. 


We love to hear your feedback on the latest version of the InfintieWP admin panel. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section 🙂

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