Top of the line Security

Your WordPress Watchdog

Scan for malwares before Google de-indexes your site

InfiniteWP allows you to scan your websites for Malware and safeguards you from spam injections, website errors, disabled sites, database connection issues and code anomalies. You will be notified even before Google identifies something is wrong with your site.


Update vulnerable WordPress sites with our vulnerability scanner

If you run a critical website and run updates periodically, you may miss out on updating the vulnerable plugins as soon as a fix is available. With our vulnerability scanner, you get to update just the vulnerable plugin or theme and keep your site free from attacks.



Staging and Cloning

Your WordPress Saviours

Are you scared of an update breaking your site? Stage it!

Updates breaking your site is now a thing of the past. You will now be able to create an exact replica of your production site and test updates before applying them to your live site at the click of a button.


Acquired a new client? Clone a WordPress site in a click.

Installing a fresh WordPress site or cloning an existing site for your client is so simple. It is just like copying & pasting the whole WordPress site including the website content and databases.



Client Reporting

Your business manager

Send beautiful reports to your clients. Show them your hard work in an elegant way.

When you take the utmost care to manage your client websites throughout the month, it is only fair if your clients get to see what they pay you for. Showcase your effort with beautifully designed client reports and wow your clients.



Manage 3rd party plugins

Effectively integrate third party services with InfiniteWP


Scan multiple WordPress sites using Wordfence at once and view results right inside your dashboard. You can also view previous scan reports for all your WordPress sites from the dashboard.

Broken Link Checker

View all broken and redirected links across multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. You can also edit broken links and perform bulk actions such as unlinking broken links or dismissing them.


Plugins and Themes

Seamless integration of Plugins and themes across multiple sites

InfiniteWP makes it easy to manage your plugins and themes across multiple WordPress sites. You can seamlessly view all your plugins and across multiple WordPress sites at one place. You can enable a plugin or disable plugin directly from the dashboard. You can also install new themes and change current theme.


Manage Plugins & Themes across multiple WordPress sites from a central admin panel
Install new Plugins and Themes

Install new Plugin/Theme

You can install a new theme or plugin directly from within the InfiniteWP admin panel. Browse through the WordPress plugin/theme directories and install them across multiple WordPress sites in just a few clicks.

Smart Plugin/Theme summary

Quickly get a summary of your plugins/themes by just hovering over your site. Get a list of installed, active and inactive plugins and also the ones that have updates available. All in a glance without the need to jump menus.


Self Hosted and Secure

Who can secure your WordPress sites better than you?


InfiniteWP is a self-hosted WordPress management tool, meaning you can install the InfiniteWP on your own hosting server and monitor your WordPress sites from there. Having a self-hosted management platform puts you in control of your sites. You do not have to trust any external third party with your data. Your data is truly yours to keep.

Install on your existing web hosting

You don’t have to invest in a brand new hosting. You can install InfiniteWP on your existing web hosting account.

Security and Privacy

Since all your data, queries and actions take place within your server, it’s totally private to you. You don’t need to worry about privacy and security concerns.


Free for Lifetime

The best things in life are free

We believe in making ground-breaking technology available to everyone. That’s why InfiniteWP is free for life with no limit to the number of sites you can manage through your free Admin Panel. Most of the features shown above are included in the free base panel. However, to get some of the advanced features, you can check out our tiered pricing plans.


Alright then. Let’s Get Started!

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