Broken Link Checker

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Broken Link Checker

No more Broken Bad Links

Checking for broken links from multiple WordPress sites is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s just too hard. Broken Link checker; one of the most popular WordPress plugin, finds all broken links in your WordPress sites and reports back with actions to edit, modify or remove the broken links. InfiniteWP Broken Link Checker addon integrates the awesomeness of Broken Link Checker plugin with the power of multiple WordPress site management. So, now you can see all broken links across multiple WordPress site from a single dashboard and take actions right from InfiniteWP dashboard


View broken links and redirected links

Take bulk actions like unlinking broken links or dismissing them

Edit the broken link directly from the dashboard

Instantly activate and install the Broken link checker plugin in all your WordPress sites right from the dashboard

$127 / year

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View broken links across multiple sites in a single view

Fix broken links for WordPress sites right from the dashboard