Duo Security – 2 factor authentication

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Duo Security – 2 factor authentication

2 factor authentication for your admin panel

In the event of someone gaining access to the location of your panel, logging in with just a email + password combination is very unsecure. Weak passwords can be easily cracked. With 2FA, login requests have to be authenticated via the Duo Security mobile app. This adds an extra layer of protection to your panel. Read Why 2-Factor Authentication is important on Duo Security’s website.


Login requests have to be authenticated with the Duo Security mobile app

Safe guard your admin panel from Brute Force attacks or Phishing attacks

Your mobile phone acts as a physical token for the secondary authentication

Compatible with the Enterprise Solution

$147 / year

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You can choose from three authentication modes

Authentication Modes

  1. Duo Push – This sends an authentication request to your mobile phone.Duo Authentication Flash
  2. Phone call – You’ll get a call on your phone. Answer the call and press any key on your phone’s keypad to authenticate.
  3. Passcode – Enter a passcode from your Duo Mobile application, sent via SMS, or provided by an administrator.