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Schedule Backups

WordPress Insured!!

While InfiniteWP admin panel provides you with the most reliable backup/restore of WordPress sites a click away, why even take the trouble of remembering when to backup? Performing a backup for multiple sites can be time consuming and confusing at times.

With the InfiniteWP Schedule Backup addon you can just schedule a backup and the add-on does the backup automatically for you. Backups will be taken even while you sleep. You don’t have to lift a finger to do it. Now, with the most-reliable WordPress backup being automated, sit back and relax as your backups happen automatically.

And if, God forbid, something goes wrong with your site, say you deleted a file or got hacked, just go to the Backup tab and click Restore. Voila!! It’s done. You can have your site up and running in just a few minutes.

Schedule it and forget it

Create a backup schedule and backups are automatically taken for you, accordingly.

Backup only what you need

Schedule what to backup and when to backup. Backup only necessary files, folders or databases on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Multi-call backup

When using multi-call, WordPress backup happens across multiple calls with the server. This solves server timeout-related issues since each call lasts for just 30 sec and will consume very less memory. So, no matter how slow your server may be, backups will happen. Know more

Faster backup

You can also optimize server memory to backup database and files faster

It works great with the Cloud Backup addon. You can automatically schedule your backups to be sent to the cloud storage of your choice

$127 / year

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Set your backup schedule once and forget it
Scheduled Backup_set&forget

Backup only what you want – Just the DB or files or both
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