2015 is here. What’s new?

We have started the new year with a few feature updates for both the base panel and the addons. To begin with, let me give you an idea of what’s in store for the immediate future.

Base panel features –

  1. 2-factor authentication to make the admin panel even more secure.
  2. Notification Center – A new notification center through which we can have an in-app communication channel for news regarding new addons, features, updates and also the occasional sweet deals with addons so that you don’t miss out on them.
  3. SMTP Integration – We are bringing in SMTP for the update notification emails.
  4. Multi tabs for Open Admin – With this, you will be able to open multiple WordPress dashboards within the panel and switch between them in a single click.
  5. Upload Plugin/Theme zip to My Favorites – You get your own repository of premium plugins / themes to install them quickly.
  6. Group items in My Favorites – If you install a set of plugins on every new site over and over again, this will save you a bit more time.

Addon updates –

  1. WP Maintenance – You will be able to schedule the maintenance so that you don’t have to do that manually.
  2. Install / Clone WordPress –
    • Choosing installation / cloning folder via FTP tree structure
    • Create DB and get FTP details via cPanel
    • URL migration for cloned sites
    • A few more UI improvements
  3. Client Plugin Branding – You will be able to hide updates from showing up in the WP Dashboard. So, your client / team member would not apply updates by mistake.
  4. Client Reporting – The current Client Reporting addon is very basic and has so much more potential untapped in terms of features. The new design and data of the reports will make you want to proudly send them to your clients.

And a few other minor improvements like easier password recovery and a few bug fixes are on queue.

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