v2.4.6 – Security Update & Bug Fixes

A new version of the admin panel and client plugin have been released now. This fixes a security bug in the admin panel and also a few bugs that have been bothering you guys for the past month.

IWP Admin Panel v2.4.6

Security bug – Fixed; More on this soon! (Thanks to Sucuri for helping us find this)

Favicon issue – Fixed; The favicons in the site list were not displayed because the service rendering the favicons was down. We are now directly using Google for this.

Broken sites won’t show client plugin update – Fixed.

InfiniteWP Client Plugin v1.3.10

WP Dashboard jQuery conflict issue – Fixed; This was conflicting with WordPress’s media upload and a few plugins.

Google Drive backup upload timeout issue – Fixed.

Update to the latest versions immediately.

P.S.: If you updated the client plugin to v1.3.9 and are encountering connection errors, please update the client plugin to v1.3.10 from your WP dashboards. You don’t have to re-add the sites to the admin panel.
Alternatively, you can just take the init.php from the latest client plugin (v1.3.10) and then upload it to each wp-content/plugins/iwp-client/init.php through cPanel or FTP.

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