V3.0 – Biggest Leap Forward Since The First Release

A few weeks ago, we launched v2.12.1.1 with a revamped iThemes security add-on and a brand new add-on for malware scanning, Google Safe browsing.  We have worked hard to make InfiniteWP fast and reliable and are getting ready for the next important milestone in our journey, namely, IWP v3.0.


Based on all your feedback over the years, IWP 3.0 has improved backups, an awesome Client Reporting addon, and a completely revamped UI which will be more intuitive and elegant. Your favorite WordPress management tool is becoming more reliable and intuitive than ever.


We have also published a transparent roadmap of InfiniteWP’s future here on Trello.  We will be updating this board and if you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to email us at help at infinitewp dot com.


Let me go over some of the important changes with v3.0


Backups have been reliable on most servers but on some low-resource hosting, it hasn’t been up to our expectation. We have rewritten the complete backup module from the ground up to be the most reliable backup ever.


Client Reporting addon

The Client Reporting addon needed much love from us for some time now. But we were not able to give it it’s due, until now. In this version we are completely redesigning it with three stylish designs and moving away from PDF gives us a lot of control on the design; which in turn gives you complete control to tweak the design to your needs.


User Interface and experience

The new interface is intuitive and elegant for you to manage your WordPress sites with style. We have re-written the front-end framework, which will be smooth and way faster than previous versions.


Hosted version of InfiniteWP

Some of our users requested us to maintain their InfiniteWP instance for them. To cater to these users and others who might be interested, we will be launching a hosted version of InfiniteWP soon. We will set up a separate, highly-secure Amazon instance, calibrated with optimal settings and periodically update and maintain it.


We will be sharing a series of posts going in-depth into each of these functionalities with screenshots and technical details straight from our developers about how awesome InfiniteWP 3.0 is going to be.


Stay tuned and follow our blog 🙂


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