• Second update on v3.0

    To be honest, we were too optimistic with our timelines for the v3.0. We didn’t calculate the time taken...

  • IWP Phoenix backup blog cover pic R1

    IWP v3.0 series – Backups

    New hybrid backup module in v3.0 (Codename Phoenix) Currently, backups are taken using one of two methods, namely, Single-call...

  • InfiniteWP 3.0 coming soon Blog cover img

    V3.0 – Biggest Leap Forward Since The First Release

    A few weeks ago, we launched v2.12.1.1 with a revamped iThemes security add-on and a brand new add-on for...

  • Malware scanner addon update

    We have made some improvements to our Malware scanner add-on. With the new update, you will have the ability...

  • Cover image

    New version launched with two new add-ons!

    It has been a while since you heard from us. We had our heads down, working on some great...

  • History repeats itself with WPTC’s Limited Lifetime Licenses!

    Did lifetime licensing work for InfiniteWP? We are here today only by building innovative products that make WordPress better...

  • How is WP Time Capsule different from InfiniteWP?

    If you check out the WP Time Capsule website, you will see that everything about WPTC is different from...

  • Why is WPTC a standalone product when InfiniteWP has backup addons?

    InfiniteWP was built with the idea of being a multiple website management solution. It wasn’t built as an out...

  • Gone are the days where enabling auto-updates used to be risky business!

    Over the last couple of weeks, there has been an enormous surge in the number of defaced websites. Approximately...

  • 2.4.4 Security update

    We fixed a major SQL injection bug and released an update in the admin panel on Dec 2nd (described...