Out Now: InfiniteWP v2.8

InfiniteWP v2.8.0 is out now after being incubated for over 2 months. The beta v2.8.0 went through 4 iterations and after two long months, jumbled pieces of the puzzle have finally fallen in place. A big thank you to all the beta users for the constant feedback, for reporting issues and for patiently standing by while we could figure things out and resolve it for you.


Revamped Client Reporting Addon:

The new client reporting is interesting with a lot of attention to detail. We have made some architectural changes in the new revamp. Update activity was retrieved from the IWP activity log in the previous versions. If you made any updates to the site via the WP Admin, those changes would not reflect in the client report. That has changed now and the update activity is directly retrieved from the WP Admin. Any activity you make on the site – be it via the IWP Panel or the WP Admin, you can put it down in black and white for your clients to see. Really cool, isn’t it? 😀

In the current release, WordPress Core Updates, Plugin / Theme Updates and Backups will be a part of the report. The next beta v2.9.0 will have Google Analytics, Malware Scans, Comments, and much more.

You can check out a sample report of the current version here.

Staging Addon:

Changes are good but it’s disappointing when change wreaks havoc, so are updates! With the staging addon you no longer have to worry about updates causing website downtime 🙂


A lot of us view updates as a bad thing because more often than we wish, an update breaks our WordPress site. Staging your site to test updates is easy as 1-2-3 with this off-the-shelf staging addon from InfiniteWP. Updates breaking your live / production site is now a thing of the past. You will now be able to create an exact replica of your production site and test updates before applying them to your live site at the click of a button. As simple as that. No more rolling back, no more reverting changes and no more asking your host to help you restore your site to a previous version.

Create a Staging Site to test your Updates

1. View the staged site in a new tab on the browser
2. Copy your current live site to replace content on a previously staged site

1. Apply the selected updates on the staging site.
2. Apply only specific updates on the staging site

Vulnerability Updates Addon:


Prime Ministers and Presidents of greatly revered nations have been brought down due to vulnerabilities not being patched on time. With the Vulnerability Updates addon, we will highlight updates that contain vulnerability fixes in plugins, themes and the WordPress core itself. The InfiniteWP dashboard will notify users of vulnerabilities in their WordPress website and give users an opportunity to safeguard their websites from unauthorised intruders.


InfiniteWP has integrated with, one of the leading companies that provide vulnerability service updates. They update their database with the list of latest known vulnerabilities across WordPress Core, plugins and themes. The InfiniteWP Admin Panel will have a link to beside the Vulnerabilty that will allow you to visit the source website and view the vulnerabilty details. 

1. If there are any vulnerabilities for the specific site, the site would be highlighted in red.
2. Clicking on the exclamation mark will take you to the Updates page.

Layer 9

1. Get an overall count of vulnerability updates from all sites in the IWP Admin Panel.
2. Clicking on ‘Show Only Vulnerability Updates’ will show only the Vulnerability Updates and not all the updates.

Clicking on [ View Vulnerability ] will redirect you to the WP Vulns Database

UI Changes:

The WP Updates page has a new design allowing users to filter updates.

The WP Updates page has an additional filter to show Hidden Updates.

The left site list now displays the version numbers of plugins and themes when hovering over the plugin or theme on the flyout panel.

There are a lot of other workflow optimizations and improvements. Faster JS & CSS Loading and Smart Scheduling of Backups are a few of them. View the change log here for more details.

As always, your feedback has been truly valuable and instrumental in the success of InfiniteWP .

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the changes and what you would like for us to change, we would be really happy to do so!

Update (6 June 2016):
Please Note – The InfiniteWP base panel is being released incrementally so it will take upto a week or two until the wave reaches all of the InfiniteWP Admin Panels. This is done to ensure that nothing breaks during the update process and to arrest issues in time in case something unusual crops up. Thanks for all the support and love. This wave update technique will be applicable for all future releases of InfiniteWP as well 🙂



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