Out Now: InfiniteWP v2.9

InfiniteWP v2.9.0 is out much sooner than we expected. Unlike v2.8.0, this didn’t go through 4 iterations, v2.9.0 went through 2 iterations and we are ready to launch! This has been possible greatly due to the wonderful feedback from all our beta users who have been instrumental in shaping the current release. Back to back releases have been made possible with the tireless efforts of our development and testing team. They put in their heart and soul to ensure the releases go out as planned and made sure there weren’t any showstoppers! So, thank you beta users and a Big Round of Applause for our development and testing team. And ofcourse to the support team that is playing a credible role in making InfiniteWP stronger each day 🙂

Coming to the release updates, we haven’t added anything new other than what was planned with v2.9.0beta1. A majority of the improvements would focus on giving you control over what you want to do and how you want to manage your websites rather than being restricted to the stereotypical ways of managing websites using hosted solutions. The main advantage of using a self-hosted WordPress management system is to be able to do things your way and that’s what this release has majorly focussed on!


Group Reloading

Being in control of your life is one of the greatest power that you can have. If you could control a majority of aspects in your life then why would you let some default setting on a software control which sites you would want to load and which ones you wouldn’t. That is why we decided to give you full control of the sites that you would want to load rather than loading the entire list of sites that are in your IWP Panel. You can group your sites into various categories like Paying Clients, Only Backups, Update First or any name that fits the bill. Reload just the sites in a particular group with the new feature.

Rename Sites on Site List

Would you want to be stuck with an auto-populated default username when you signup with a site or a service? Hell, No! You would love to have the freedom of choosing your own username. 

Same applies to the Site names, you can now rename your Client’s sites as per your convenience rather than being stuck with the default site names that are populated. Again this adds to the level of convenience in identifying which site belongs to which client.

Hurray! More power to you 😉

UI Improvements using Font Awesome

InfiniteWP saves you infinite time and makes managing WordPress sites awesome. With the new font awesome additions to the IWP Panel, your Panel looks and works awesomer (if that’s even a word :p) than before. Font awesome replaces the boring sprite images with newer and much lighter font icons that would speed up the load time of your IWP Panel

The UI looks more appealing, the panel load time is reduced, the stress on your server is automatically reduced. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN no doubt!

Vulnerability Updates Notifications

Being on top of things gives us the ability to avoid any untoward incidents from happening on our watch. This is one of the things that the vulnerability updates addon focusses on – being in control of your WordPress sites and staying one step ahead of hackers.

We went one more step ahead and introduced notifications for vulnerability updates. Which means, even if you aren’t monitoring your WordPress website or the IWP Admin Panel 24 x 7, we will monitor your Panel and keep you notified about vulnerability updates real-time via email. We have partnered with the amazing team at WPScan Vulnerability Database to ensure that you have complete information about the vulnerable plugins and take necessary steps to avoid being compromised.

Detailed Client Reporting

During the release of v2.8.0 of the IWP Admin Panel we had promised that v2.9.0 would have a detailed client reporting and we have kept our word.

The new client reports will have data such as Malware Scans, Links, Pages, Posts & Comments managed, Google Analytics, Plugins, Themes & WordPress Updates and Backups. This gives you the option of showing your clients on paper the tasks that you have performed on their websites rather than just explaining via plain emails or word of mouth statements. In turn, increasing your credibility and your clients trust on you. 

Such would be the power of our simple yet detailed client reports!

Scheduled Scanning

We live in a world where everything is automated. WordPress very quickly adapted to the automated world and got us to speed with their Auto-updates. When your websites would get updated and backed up automatically then why shouldn’t they be scanned for malware automatically?

With that vision in mind, we added Scheduled Malware Scanning to our already existing Sucuri Malware Scanner Addon. Your WordPress websites will be scanned in a scheduled fashion and email notifications will be sent to you if there is a malware identified.

Is this real-time? Yes, the notifications will be real-time and the remaining scans in queue will continue to run irrespective of the status of the previous scan. We have partnered with Sucuri to make this new feature available for you. We also use their firewall solution which has been nothing less than a 5 star product. A Big Shout Out to the brilliant team at Sucuri for enabling us have a worry-free sleep at night.

Thank You!

This update also includes a fix to a security vulnerability in the IWP Admin Panel that could have affected users having the Enterprise Solution Addon installed. This vulnerability was discovered as part of the Summer of Pwnage project created by Securify. During this project, the team at Securify reviewed WordPress plugins for security vulnerabilities in an effort to make the internet more secure. A Big Thank You to Sipke Mellema and the team. If you are looking to collaborate with Dutch Hackers or if you want to do your bit in making WordPress secure, check them out here.

There are a few other important fixes and improvements are a part of the release, you can check them out on our change log hereIf you would like to check out the change log for all the individual addons, you can view the links here.

Feedback, feedback and more feedback!

It is the only way we can move forward and as users, your feedback is most valuable. Your feedback serves as a guide for us to make InfiniteWP better for you and for the WordPress community. So please don’t hold back on your comments and feedback, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your honest views. Thank you once again for the continued support and helping us sustain the momentum!


Please Note – The InfiniteWP base panel is being released incrementally so it will take upto a week or two until the wave reaches all of the InfiniteWP Admin Panels. This is done to ensure that nothing breaks during the update process and to arrest issues in time in case something unusual crops up. Thanks for all the support and love. This wave update technique will be applicable for all future releases of InfiniteWP as well 🙂

16th August, 2016 – Update: There were a few minor issues on v2.9.0 that were affecting only a few clients so we stopped that update and fixed the bug. The current roll out is 2.9.1 so users will skip 2.9.0 and update directly to v2.9.1. We also released a security fix a couple of days ago for the client plugin and the latest version is v1.6.1.1. Please update the client plugin and hold tight for a couple more days, we will be rolling out the new package very soon. Apologies for the long wait but we wanted to make sure we roll out a stable release that works for everyone rather than just releasing a buggy version.



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