A New Update Released! 2.15.9 & 3.1.15

We have released our latest update! We added new features, including a new option for PDF client reports to set up custom fonts, improved UI/UX, fixed bugs, and much more! Check out the links below to learn more about what’s new, and make sure to update your admin panel.


Custom Fonts for PDF Reports

A client report may need to be designed using a specific font style or size. Or it may need to use a particular font for headings and body. So, we enabled an option to configure custom fonts for the PDF reports. Check out the link below and follow the instructions to customise the fonts on your PDF reports.


Google Analytics Graph Improved

We have changed the Google Analytics Graph Chart by making it easier than ever to visualise your data like how many people visit your site, how many pages they visited, etc.

Improved UI design

We have redesigned a few user interfaces (UI)  of the admin panel. We wanted to ensure everything was clean, simple, and intuitive. Here are the few fundamental changes we made.

– Font Awesome’s Webfont and CSS assets are now directly loaded from the panel instead of CDN.
– Varied the intensity of update counts on the updates page.
– V3 group UI improved.


We are currently working on adding many new features and improvements to the InfiniteWP. 


Stay tuned for updates!

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