Now Update all premium plugins and themes with InfiniteWP!

InfiniteWP makes it a breeze to update all your plugins, themes, and core from one single dashboard which saves your precious time as you don’t need to login to each of your websites to check & perform updates.


However, we had a barrier to fetch premium plugin, and theme updates as most of them have their own repo for updates and use custom hooks to display updates on the dashboard.
InfiniteWP followed the exact same methodology which WordPress follows, so we were not able to list a few premium updates on IWP Dashboard. This unnerved many of our users as they might miss a crucial update for any premium plugin/theme.


Our team understood the importance of this matter and started working on a potential solution. Recently, we found that loading our client plugin along with setup_theme hook caused the inability to fetch premium updates. setup_theme hook is fired before any premium plugin/themes hooks are loaded. So we decided to load our client plugin with the wp_loaded hook. This hook is fired once WordPress, all plugins, and the theme are fully loaded and instantiated.

Now, InfiniteWP admin panel can fetch and display all the updates from your WordPress sites without any obstacle.

Are you able to see all your premium plugin/theme updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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