The changes we did in our recent v3 update release that caused the delay

Yes, there is a slight delay, and we’re behind schedule from the proposed timeline. We’re on track until the end of February month. However, after releasing the update v3.1.1 on 28th February 2019, we received much feedback from our user base. So we decided to pause the development work of v3 premium add-ons and started to concentrate on the improvements suggested by our users.

Here are the few changes we made to the v3 interface in our most recent update release v3.1.2.

The Websites View on the Updates page is back on the v3 interface

The most requested feature from our user base as they envied to retain the website view of the updates page.

Restored the Leftside sites list Design and workflow to v2

We initially planned to use the left sidebar as the site selector for all operations. Later we discovered that this wouldn’t work for most of the tasks. So we reverted the left sidebar and site selector to v2 design.

Website view in Plugins & Themes Management

Along with the websites view on the updates page, the plugins & themes management website view is the most requested modification from our users.

Create Backup and Create Schedule Backup flow improved.

Earlier, Backup creation process has one single form in which you needs to scroll the page to the bottom whereas now we have simplified the manual & schedule backup creation process.

Manual and Schedule backups list view improved

Revamped Install/Clone UI 

Earlier you need to select the sites from the left side site bar. Now, we incorporated the site selector inside the clone page.

Changed the Menu Location to utilize the available space to get a more significant overview

Along with the above changes, we had enabled the support for the below-listed addons. The most important feature we implemented is that you don’t need to load the results for the below add-ons. The results are prefetched and stored on your InfiniteWP database.  All you have to do is Select the WordPress sites and View the results to take actions.

Manage Users
Manage Comments
Broken Link Checker
Malware Scanner
Wordfence Security
iThemes Security

Now, our developers are working on the next set of add-ons listed below, and we planned to release these add-ons in a couple of weeks after it passes our testing routine.

Google Analytics
Google PageSpeed
Google Webmasters
Google Safe Browsing
File Uploader
Code Snippets
WP Maintenance

Feel free to comment if you want to see any additional changes to the current version of the v3 admin panel.

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