• August 2021 Update!

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and healthy through this challenging time. In this blog...

  • IWP-V3-sneak-peek

    The changes we did in our recent v3 update release that caused the delay

    Yes, there is a slight delay, and we’re behind schedule from the proposed timeline. We’re on track until the end...

  • The evolution of InfiniteWP’s Pricing Model!

    Update (16/11/16): The new pricing plans have been rolled out. To purchase the new plans, you will have to...

  • conver_image[1]

    InfiniteWP v2.5.2: Enhanced Privacy & Clarity

    Hey guys, greetings from this end of the world! We’ve been working on IWP for over four years now...

  • 1_cover_pic_What_we_learned_from_our_pricing_experiments[1]

    What we learned from our pricing experiments

    Why does infiniteWP cost as much as it does today? Did we always think about pricing this way? What...

  • cover picture for what we are working

    What we are working on now: October 2015

    Happy Friday to everybody here, this is a heads-up on what you can expect from infiniteWP in the days...

  • A-word-about-our-updates-cover-image_11

    Our new updates, features and the bugs we squashed

    Greetings to all our dear users. We’d like to inform you about our new updates and some bug fixes.We...