Out now: InfiniteWP v2.7

InfiniteWP v2.7.0 has a few workflow optimizations and security improvements. We released the beta in the 1st week of the new year. Thanks to all beta users for trying out and reporting issues.


Grouping plugins and themes favorites

This is one of the top user-requested features. If you install the same set of plugins on websites repeatedly, it would have been a hassle to select all of them every time and then click Install. Now, you can group your favorites. You can group the plugins based on the plans that you offer your clients or based on the type of site – blog, e-commerce, appointment system etc. you are deploying. Group them in a way that suits your workflow / business.

Grouping plugins and themes favorites

Add custom/premium plugins and themes to favorites

If you had been installing premium themes or plugins or your own custom-coded plugins, uploading it every time you want to install them would have been a pain. Now you can add  custom/premium plugins and themes to My Favorites just by checking the option while you upload. You now have your own local repository of premium plugins and themes.

Add custom premium plugins and themes to favorites

Login activities are now logged

To increase the security of the IWP Admin Panel we now log all login activities. You can access these logs from Settings -> Accounts page. It gives clear data about the user, IP location, time, browser details etc. It also gives details on failed login attempts. Further adding to the security, 3 consecutive failed login attempts within a 30-minute period will now trigger an email and a in-app notification when you login. Be informed when someone is trying to enter your admin panel by brute force. For Enterprise users, an additional email will be sent to the Admin.

Login activities are now logged_1

A better, industry-standard SQL injection prevention

Though the current SQL injection prevention was implemented in a way that was fully secure, it created some undesirable side effects with some special characters. To avoid these issues we have now updated it to a better, industry-standard implementation. This will avoid password-related issues with IWP login and other FTP logins.

As we needed to re-write most of the queries, we are releasing updates to the admin panel and almost all the addons. We strongly recommend you to update all the addons after you update your IWP Panel to v2.7.0+


Site name in fly-out menu

We got a hand full of feedback regarding the fly-out menu when you hover on a site on the left sites list. Since the highlighting of the website was not working perfectly, it was hard for users to know which site’s fly-out is being displayed. We have now added the site name at the top of the fly-out menu itself. No more confusions. 🙂

Site name in fly-out menu

Redesigned installation flow

We have redesigned the IWP installation flow focused on a smoother installation, contextual validation and improved security set up. To make it quick we have now auto skip the requirements step if they are met. We try to delete the /install folder once installation is successful instead of repeatedly asking the user to delete it every time they login. The password field now has a strength indicator, helping in fortify the new panel. If the user is stuck at any step, we give alternative methods of installation.

Redesigned installation flow and initial setup

Set up wizard Once you login after installation the user will be prompted with a setup wizard. Here, they can enable HTTPS and set up IPs to restrict access to further secure their admin panel. They can also opt-in to send anonymous data from the admin panel, which will help us to develop a better product and deliver awesome updates to you.

In addition to this, there are other improvements and bug fixes. View the change log now.  Please share your thoughts on the new release in the comments section below.

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