What is in WordPress 3.9?

WordPress 3.9 Beta is out and it seems like a big overhaul from 3.8 in terms of features and looks. So lets see what changes can be expected in WordPress 3.9 release.

Drag and Drop Image

With WordPress 3.9 now you can drag and drop the image directly to the post editor. This will help you upload images when needed directly to the post rather uploading images one by one using the “Add Media” option. You can also now edit the image within the editor after uploading the image.The pop-up for image editor is no more.

Updated Editor

The post editor engine TinyMCE has gone through a complete overhaul in term of looks and the new look is refreshing and clutter free. Also now you can directly copy and paste content from word using the block paste option. The paste from word button has been removed.

You can now create and edit galleries within the editor itself and preview them in the editor.

Audio and Video Playlist

WordPress allows you to upload audio and media files with 3.9 now you can create playlist using the files.

Widgets Preview

You can now add and edit widgets live without the need to preview them separately. You can edit, arrange, crop and upload header images for widgets.

Backend Developer Updates

  • The load process in multisite is rewritten
  • Auto save feature has been overhauled
  • 3.9 uses MySQL Improved Database Extension (mysqli) so lookout for any php error
  • Backbone 1.1, Underscore 1.6, Masonry 3, PHPMailer, Plupload and TinyMCE libraries updated
  • TinyMCE is updated to 4.0 a major update

Join the WordPress beta test here. If you have any bugs report it here in forum.



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