What were we cooking?

UPDATE: We having been facing some serious host related dependencies and we are fixing them and ironing the bugs. There will be
another blog post on the launch. We are planning to release few more slots for beta by 24th March.

UPDATE 2 June 6th, 2014: We have released to around 500 people so far and we have fixed many of the bugs.
We will be releasing few more slots soon. We just want to make sure its perfect before we release it to a huge crowd.

Happy Valentines Day! Its been a while since we released a major update.
We have been working on developing the world’s most reliable backup solution on a self hosted platform.

We have spent a lot of our resources for this R&D for almost 8 months, re-engineering the complete backup module from the ground up.
We are happy and proud that we didn’t compromise on the cost or the technology.

Why did we do this?
We had a small percentage of our users having issues with our backup due to limited memory and server timeouts.
We were not happy with that and decided to rewrite the backup module so that it just works.

How is it more reliable now?
We are the first WordPress management tool to achieve this and we have strived for reliability along every bit of the process.
If your site is big, it will backup the files by chunks (your data in pieces), there by consuming less memory and time which are the two main causes of backup failures.
We have also rewritten the file uploading module to upload in chunks. So your backups to cloud repositories will also be more reliable now.

Will the free backup feature be free after all this?
Yes. The new backup module is part of the free base package and will always be free with lifetime updates.. as promised 🙂

So if you run into any backup-related problem, update to 2.3.0beta.
For this you should opt in to our beta program. Go to the IWP update centre to do this.
We are releasing the update in batches. Once you opt-in, you will get the update in a few days.

Thanks for all your love and Happy Valentine’s day

Founder and CEO, David.

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