WordPress is Ten Years Old!

In our present scenario where people have short attention spans and software in general has a rather short shelf life, ten years is a long, long time. Even more so, rising from being a bloggers’ tool to the world’s most popular CMS within a decade is an accomplishment in itself.

Guess who has done all of that and just turned ten?

Yes, that’s right. None other than WordPress!

Our favorite software is now officially ten years old!

And how exactly is the world celebrating this? To begin with, you have got meetups and parties that are going on all around the world. Yes, literally all around the world! Also, let us not forget the anniversary merchandise.

To mark this occasion, InfiniteWP is offering WordPress users the massive value lifetime license as well as a huge 30% discount on all addons.

So what’s the delay? Go ahead and grab ‘em! Also, if you are organizing a meetup or party to celebrate WP anniversary in your area, don’t forget to tell your guests and friends about the discounts being offered by InfiniteWP. Have fun!

Our party is just gettin’ started…

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