Over 50,000 Websites Rely On InfiniteWP

Few months ago, we told you that we had crossed over 10,000 websites. Well, that was back in August last year. This year, we couldn’t have asked for a better New Year gift! Yes, you are right — InfiniteWP now powers over 50,000 websites!

Allow me to say it once again (after all, you don’t cross 50,000 everyday):

Over 50,000 websites use InfiniteWP. 

At this junction, we would like to thank all our awesome users for making this possible. We are glad to see that InfiniteWP is able to help you manage your websites and blogs in an easy manner.

If you haven’t yet checked out InfiniteWP and its new features, there really could not be a better time. Just one day before Christmas, we released InfiniteWP admin panel version 2.0.4 — of course, how can we forget the ever-awesome premium addons!

And to spice up things a bit, we are releasing 3 new addons by the end of this month and 3 more by February.

This includes:

Go ahead, dive in, and hope to see you on the other side of 50k!

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