History repeats itself with WPTC’s Limited Lifetime Licenses!

Did lifetime licensing work for InfiniteWP?

We are here today only by building innovative products that make WordPress better and it wouldn’t have been possible without InfiniteWP being built. We launched lifetime licenses for InfiniteWP and this launch put us on the global map. When we launched InfiniteWP we promised we would be giving lifetime updates and support for all of our lifetime users. Keeping our promise, we have been grandfathering all our InfiniteWP users although the product has been through turbulent times. We experimented with our pricing umpteen number of times but this hasn’t affected our Lifetime users one bit and we intend to do the same with WP Time Capsule as well. Are lifetime users still using your system? Well, our testimonials will speak for themselves!

..been using InfiniteWP almost every day and have not had a single problem – it is, quite simple, a game-changer for anyone with a business based upon WordPress – Donnacha

..early InfiniteWP adopter here; it’s been a great experience for us so far. Remote cloning is one of my favourite feature and secure S3 backups are great – Rami

..using this as an early adopter. It’s great and they’re delivering great extras and updates are frequent. I’m a happy user and can recommend it for managing all the WordPress sites – Wouter

How much do the Lifetime licenses cost?

The lifetime license will be available for $197, $397 and $597, this will give you access to the plugin and support for life. The $197 plan allows you to backup 5 websites for life whereas the $397 plan will allow you to backup 50. The big daddy of all, the $597 plan allows you to manage unlimited sites for life. To give you a fair idea of what you will be spending in 1 year in comparison to the lifetime license, read on: Let’s assume you manage about 50 websites. With $5 per site per month, you will end up spending $3000 per year to have fast and reliable backups which would be tested on various levels to ensure efficient restores in case your site crashes. Whereas by enrolling for the lifetime license, you will be investing a fraction of the amount for a lifetime full of savings. We will be backing up these sites for you for life without charging you an extra dime. You will also be getting lifetime product support for WP Time Capsule, don’t miss out on this one time offer or you will regret missing it like a few of our users still do.

..I was not lucky enough to get the chance to sign up for a lifetime membership. I’m very disappointed. – Michael

..will you run the lifetime license offer ever again..? – Ahmed

..thanks for the great product. Are you planning on doing anymore lifetime licenses in the future? – Matt you still offer a lifetime license? I’d really like to buy one. – Simon

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