Our new updates, features and the bugs we squashed

Greetings to all our dear users.

Greetings to all our dear users.

We’d like to inform you about our new updates and some bug fixes.We hope that these updates enrich your experience with InfiniteWP. We worked a little extra on the Install Clone, Client Plugin branding and the WordPress Maintenance add-ons.

  • 1. Install Clone

    FeatureYou can now clone the site right away from the zip files! In this feature you can place any zip file in the destination folder and you can clone the file straight from there! This will avoid download errors for large files.

    clone any site from zip files

    ImprovementNew Auto-Fill via cPanel feature The New User Interface in the Install Clone addon now has “auto-fill” options. With auto-fill options you don’t have to enter your FTP details every time you want to clone a site. All you have to do now is to login to your cPanel and this will auto fill your FTP and your database credentials. The new Auto-Full feature will create a new Database and then fill the form.

    We figured out that most of you use cPanel as your hosting manager.So we integrated cPanel to make the cloning process faster, you don’t need to enter your FTP credentials, create a new Database and map it anymore!


    ImprovementUI Improvements in the Target Folder Section The url field has to point to the target folder and since the previous UI had both these fields apart, there was confusion and this led to a lot of 404 errors. Now there is an option to select the folder from the FTP credentials.
    We also improved the test connection which now checks the FTP credentials and triggers the url as well.
    Both these improvements have cut the 404 errors significantly.

    folder path

  • 2. WordPress Maintenance Addon

    You now have the “Schedule Maintenance” option, you no longer have to manually delete spam comments or optimize your database. Your maintenance can now be automated in time-cycles.

    Schedule Maintenance

  • 3. General Updates

    ImprovementYou now have relevant HTML5 placeholders for your inputs instead of custom JavaScript hints. HTML5 placeholders only fade away when you start entering your inputs whereas JavaScript placeholders fade away after you select the particular text-field. So we decided to go with this all across IWP.

    OngoingWe are updating all documentation in


    Our Support articles section will now be easier to access. Our doc team is working to update it as soon as possible.

    This is all this time folks, stay tuned for our next blog on the updates and features you can expect from us in the future!We’re working on Cron service from IWP, Security Improvements, Enhanced Multicall backup and New Client Reporting!

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