What we are working on now: October 2015

Happy Friday to everybody here, this is a heads-up on what you can expect from infiniteWP in the days to come. Hope you are excited as we are to share the buzz going here!

Cron service from IWP

iwp-cronjob (1)


We know that setting up cron jobs can be tedious and messy. This is why we are working on a cron service that will take care of your scheduling tasks. Our home grown cron solution is optimized to work seamlessly with IWP. Other cron services might not work effectively with IWP’s requirements so this might be a tad frustrating. So now you don’t have to pay for any third party cron or even depend on your server’s cron anymore. We are going to launch a beta version and implement it with IWP as soon as we can!

Security Updates

security-updates (1)


We all know that keeping your website updated is very important. This is why it is important to install security updates as soon as they are released. Our new security improvements help you by highlighting all your security updates and vulnerability patches in red. Now you can install these updates immediately in just one click. You will also get an email when your websites have a pending security update. Your security is our top priority!

Enhanced multi-call backup

Our new multi-call backup will ensure greater backup efficiency. Multi-call backups are much more reliable when compared to single-call backups especially on shared servers. This is why we decided to invest more of our time on multi-call backups. The older version had a few memory leaks during heavy backup processes because single-call backup was employed for the whole file list backup process.  This consumed more memory and time which led to a few fatal errors in some servers. The new version will employ alternative multiple calls backup for the same process thereby eliminating issues with fatal errors. The old multi-call backup used recursive functions to get the list of files. This means that all the file details were stored in one row and in one column in the database table. Some servers couldn’t handle this. In the upcoming version, every file detail will have a separate row in the database table. This will ensure that every server can handle the backup process without any issues.

New Client Reporting

client-reporting (1)


Your report from new Client Reporting add-on is going to have detailed graphs instead of mere metrics. In addition to data from the IWP admin panel, your report will also contain data from WordPress dashboards and other plugins including WooCommerce and SEO by Yoast. You will also find graphs and better visualization of data. We also want your reports to reflect your agency’s brand and beliefs. This is why you will also be able to fully customize the colors, upload your own images and choose from an array of fonts to change the feel of your report.


Do let us know what you think in the comment section below. Have a great day!

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