Out Now: InfiniteWP v2.15

InfiniteWP v2.15.0 stable release has taken more time than we expected as it went through three iterations. A big thank you to all the beta users for the constant feedback, for reporting issues and for patiently standing by while we could figure things out and resolve it for you.

Here are a few key features which we have implemented in our recent update release.

Enhanced the support for Multisite Installation:

Now, you can add your entire network sites by only adding your Network admin sites.
Once you add your Network admin site, the below screen will be exhibited in which you can select the child sites to add to your admin panel.

Also, now you can restore individual child sites from the backups taken using the Phoenix method.
Check this link to know how you can restore your child sites via IWP dashboard.

Staging to Live:

One of the most requested features is copying the staging to live site in a single click.
With IWP admin panel version 2.15.0, you can copy the entire staging to your live site.

Client Plugin Branding for Individual sites:

You can enable custom client plugin branding settings like changing the appearance of the client plugin, hiding updates and disabling file editing on specific sites.

Encrypt DB Backups:

You can now encrypt the Database backup and save it on your WordPress server or Cloud Storage using the Phoenix Backup Method.
The phrase you insert here is used to encrypt your Database using the Rijndael Algorithm.

Notification for WooCommerce Updates:

Your IWP admin panel will detect and notify the WooComerce post-update actions like DB Upgrade as shown below.

Key support for SFTP servers:

Now, you can use your server PEM Keys to backup the site using the Phoenix method.
Not only while backing up your site, but you can also use them while cloning, staging and updating your IWP admin panel.

Backup InfiniteWP admin panel:

Right now, you can use the below URL to download the backup of your IWP admin panel database. We will introduce an option under panel settings in our upcoming update releases.


And of course, there are a lot of improvements, workflow optimizations are included in our recent update release. View the changelog here for more details.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the changes and what you would like for us to change, we would be really happy to do so!

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