InfiniteWP v2.5.2: Enhanced Privacy & Clarity

Hey guys, greetings from this end of the world!

We’ve been working on IWP for over four years now and we learned so much along the way, we unlearned a lot in the process as well. We’ve always believed that we are here to add value to people’s life and we believe in the Human economy. With v2.5.2, we believe that we made IWP so much better so that you gain a lot more out of your experience with IWP.

The Why factor

We realized that it is very important for you to know why we need a few details/credentials from you. If you look at the settings section, the previous versions did not tell you why you need to fill your details. For example in the FTP section under Settings, we did not tell you why we need you to fill out the FTP credentials. We also were not clear about what FTP credentials you needed to fill as well.


With v2.5.2, we have a lot of relevant information so that you can tweak the environmental settings in case you get stuck.


Hints make a huge difference!

We figured out that hints make a lot of difference as well. A lot of our users were not aware that they could use wildcards and IP range for IP restrictions. Since we did not have relevant hints, many of our users were not aware of a few features that we had and we had requests for features we already had!

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Visual Privacy matters!

Most of you chose a self-hosted app for privacy but we failed to give you visual privacy! We always displayed passwords on screen in the panel from the beginning (FTP passwords for install clone, http auth password etc). We did this because we thought this would cut a lot of copy/paste errors and typos. We now realized that it is not in sync with our values relating to privacy and security. From IWP v2.5.2 all the passwords will be masked but you will also have an option to show the passwords to help you verify.

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Clearing confusions!

We initially gave our users the option to set up  FTP details (for panel update), HTTPS setting, etc in config.php since IWP is a self hosted app. Then we simplified this process by incorporating these options in the UI. Then a confusion arose when the settings in config.php and the settings in the UI got mixed up. We fixed this by disabling the UI settings if the constants are defined in config.php. Now you can remove them from the config file and switch to using the UI without any hassles.



Revamped App Update settings

We decided to rename  Settings => FTP as App Update. In order for you to get going with this new setting with ease, we added a temporary directory permission status here with a hint on how to solve it. We also added our uploads directory status which is required to upload any file type and file creations by panel.

FTP changed to App Update


File Systems

You now have the option to choose Direct file system instead of adding a constant to config.php. Some of our users had a problem because direct file system was chosen even after they entered their FTP details. Now any filesystem method that you choose will be used for updates. We also added test connection for FTP to check the credentials, permissions and the folder path.
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Live status colors

We introduced status colors a while ago but it wasn’t upto our standards. Colors were not updated initially and appeared only when the whole panel was reloaded in the browser along with the completion of the 1st reload data. Now there is a whole lot of dynamism with our status colors (Site communication error – red, Maintaince mode – grey and client update required – orange). The site’s status colors are now updated when the panel is loaded, reload data is complete and when the client plugin update happens.

What we missed in our previous updates

So we fixed a few issues that we should have fixed in the last two updates:

  1. We fixed the issue where SMTP settings did not function with the Client Reporting Addon.
  2. Translation updates were incompatible with hide updates and update notification email. We fixed this as well.

We apologize for not fixing these issues earlier.

We did give IWP a face-lift this time and fixed a few bugs. You can check out the whole list here.

We felt the importance of privacy and security very strongly this time. We also realized how important it is to give our users vital information because since we are self-hosted, IWP belongs to you as much as it belongs to us! We are constantly striving to serve you better and bringing new changes. We are working on a lot of support docs and we feel we now have the resources to get a lot more done. You can look forward to a lot more from us in the future!


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