• Over 50,000 Websites Rely On InfiniteWP

    Few months ago, we told you that we had crossed over 10,000 websites. Well, that was back in August...

  • A more reliable InfiniteWP admin panel v2.0.4 is here

    For improved reliability, InfiniteWP admin panel now connects to the WP sites using the wp-admin URL by default, instead...

  • InfiniteWP admin panel v2.0.3 is out!

    It’s been some time since our last blog post. We have released a minor update to InfiniteWP admin panel...

  • Premium addons are ready!

    InfiniteWP Premium Addons are ready!

    The much awaited premium InfiniteWP addons are finally ready. We are super-excited to see this going because this opens...

  • InfiniteWP admin panel v1.1.5 released!

    With InfiniteWP admin panel 1.1.5, we are introducing a much more secure, stable and a more usable admin panel....

  • 10,000 sites now managed via InfiniteWP

    10,000+ sites now managed via InfiniteWP within 3 months of launch

    We are excited and elated to announce that the number of sites managed using InfiniteWP has crossed 10,000 within...

  • How much would you pay for the Premium addons?

    As our addons are getting ready for the beta release, we want the price to be fair and comfortable...

  • When are the Premium Addons coming?

    “When are the Premium Addons coming? Seriously. Tell me.”

    We were in the midst of a programming frenzy to get the addons ready in time for the release...