• InfiniteWP V2.7

    Out now: InfiniteWP v2.7

    InfiniteWP v2.7.0 has a few workflow optimizations and security improvements. We released the beta in the 1st week of...

  • Out now: InfiniteWP v2.6

    Hope you had a great holiday last week. v2.6 was in beta for the past 2 months. Thanks a...

  • conver_image[1]

    InfiniteWP v2.5.2: Enhanced Privacy & Clarity

    Hey guys, greetings from this end of the world! We’ve been working on IWP for over four years now...

  • cover picture for what we are working

    What we are working on now: October 2015

    Happy Friday to everybody here, this is a heads-up on what you can expect from infiniteWP in the days...

  • A-word-about-our-updates-cover-image_11

    Our new updates, features and the bugs we squashed

    Greetings to all our dear users. We’d like to inform you about our new updates and some bug fixes.We...

  • v2.5 is out now. Plus a new addon.

    We have been working on a few major improvements for the past few months. A major chunk of those...

  • v2.4.6 – Security Update & Bug Fixes

    A new version of the admin panel and client plugin have been released now. This fixes a security bug...

  • 2015 is here. What’s new?

    We have started the new year with a few feature updates for both the base panel and the addons. To begin...

  • 2.4.4 Security update

    We fixed a major SQL injection bug and released an update in the admin panel on Dec 2nd (described...

  • Security issues patched

    We have fixed 2 vulnerabilities in the client plugin and the admin panel and released updates. We strongly recommend...