• A New Update Released! 2.15.9 & 3.1.15

    We have released our latest update! We added new features, including a new option for PDF client reports to...

  • Out Now: InfiniteWP V2.15.8

    A few weeks ago, we released a new update for both versions of the InfiniteWP admin panel in a...

  • August 2021 Update!

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and healthy through this challenging time. In this blog...

  • InfiniteWP 3.0 coming soon Blog cover img

    It’s finally here!

      We are excited to announce the public release of our new version of the InfiniteWP admin panel v3...

  • IWP-V3-sneak-peek

    The changes we did in our recent v3 update release that caused the delay

    Yes, there is a slight delay, and we’re behind schedule from the proposed timeline. We’re on track until the end...

  • Second update on v3.0

    To be honest, we were too optimistic with our timelines for the v3.0. We didn’t calculate the time taken...

  • Out Now: InfiniteWP v2.15

    InfiniteWP v2.15.0 stable release has taken more time than we expected as it went through three iterations. A big...

  • IWP-V3-sneak-peek

    Update on the timeline of v3.0

    I apologize for not being to keep you all updated. We had to pause our efforts on 3.0 and...

  • IWP-V3-sneak-peek

    Sneak Peek – 3.0

    In recent posts, we mentioned about a total revamp of the admin panel with v3.0. Now, I would like...

  • Now Update all premium plugins and themes with InfiniteWP!

    InfiniteWP makes it a breeze to update all your plugins, themes, and core from one single dashboard which saves...